About Us

Chef Wes

Wesley Nogueira was born in 1987 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His Filipino mother raised his younger brother and himself by ingraining hardworking values derived from his Filipino and Brazilian backgrounds.

Wesley was very fond of the kitchen at a young age and found himself always being around his mother and her friends while they cooked simple Filipino dishes.

He started working at 2009 in Bistro Biscottis (bbs), a highly established local casual dining restaurant. He worked under the influence of Chef Carlos Ramirez and Chef Josh Agan. He was promoted to Executive Chef at bbs in 2014. While at bbs, Wesley has used his platform to bring new age dishes to the Jacksonville area and has worked numerous events with local chefs such as Tom Gray and Matthew Medure.
In May 2017, Chef Wesley started his company, naming it Khloe’s Kitchen inspired by his daughter. He serves modern-eclectic inspired cuisine obtained from his fine dining knowledge and his upbringing from his Filipino-Brazilian roots.

Our Mission

Our everyday mission is to utilize responsibly-sourced, local ingredients to craft bold and inspired food for all.